Best VR Headsets for an Ultimate Experience

best vr headsets to buy

Virtual Reality is getting popular quickly and is here to stay. VR is a technology to create realistic images, sounds and other sensations that replicate a real environment and can be seen using a VR headset combined with your smartphone. Though the VR market is still very new to most, many big names have already launched their VR headsets.

Now with all the big names out there, it’s easy to get confused on which one is the best VR headset to buy in India. To help, we have tried and compiled a list of top five best VR headsets that works great with your smartphone and pocket-friendly too.

 1  Procus Pro VR Headsetprocus pro vr headset


Inspired by Oculus Rift and priced at around Rs. 2,999, the Procus Pro VR headset is becoming one of the best VR headset available in India. With the integrated headphones, volume controller and touch buttons, the Procus Pro’s design is completely different from the regular VR headsets in the market. The headset comes with a mobile holder which can accommodate 4.7″ to 6″ smartphones and has a 3.55mm audio pin for inserting the audio jack.

The headset is light weight and has a soft foam leather cushioning which makes is comfortable to wear the headset for a longer period of time.

The Procus Pro lens are of high quality PMMA material with a large field of vision of 100-120 degree. It provides a wholesome experience of realism without causing eye fatigue and lag.

Another awesome feature which comes with this VR headset is the one key call answering. Yes, you can receive a call without wearing off your headset in the Procus Pro.

Procus Pro has an external volume controller to increase or decrease the volume lever without removing your phone from the holder. The inbuilt Action buttons allows you to control apps without any external controllers or clippers.

 2  Aura VR Pro

Aura VR Pro


We have another VR headset which design is being inspired by the Google Cardboard and Oculus Rift, the AuraVR Pro VR headset. Priced at around Rs. 1,899, the AuraVR Pro is a large plastic unit with a lot of foam padding. Use of plastic and foam seals the headset well to give a perfect VR experience, on the other hand, it makes the headset a little bit heavier as well.

AuraVR Pro supports smart phones with sizes ranging from 3.5″-6″ and can be used with spectacles. The lenses are nano coated optical resin and have 100-110 FOV which give a better experience in watching 3D and 360-degree videos.

The package also includes a Bluetooth Gaming Remote which can be used to control the VR apps without taking the phone out of the holder. The remote also has gaming buttons and joystick that can be used even to play VR games on your mobile.

The AuraVR Pro is compatible with Android 4.1 or above. Along with that the smartphone must have Gyro sensor, Proximity sensor to work seamlessly with the headset.

  IRUSU Monster VR

Irusus Monster VRBUY IT HERE

The Irusu Monster VR headset has a smooth round shaped ergonomic design with a silver lining, which gives it a stunning look. The entire body is made of plastic except for the cushioning where the headset rests on your skin. It can hold smartphones from 4″ to 5.9″ in size.

As VR headsets tend to consume high resources, the removable front panel of the Monster VR comes with vents to cool down the phone during long usage times.

This VR headset has a three-way head strap compare to two-way straps in most of the headsets for stability while you move your head in any direction.

Irusu Monster VR comes with big 42mm HD resin lenses with larger FOV and reduced window effect. The lenses can be adjusted in two ways.

 1  IPD (InterPupillary Distance) – The distance between the lenses can be adjusted using a scroll wheel.

 2  Focal Adjustment – Distance between your smart phone screen and lenses can be adjusted using the focal adjustment wheels.

The Irusu Monster VR headset also comes with a Bluetooth Remote and a magnetic Clicker for a better hands free experience.

VR Headset Buying Guide For India

The first and foremost thing you should know before buying a VR headset is, what is VR?

Virtual Reality is a technology that creates a simulated environment. It projects a 3D image with the help of computer or smartphones couples with sound and head tracking which effectively tricks your brain into thinking that you’re in a new world.

Though there are many manufacturers for VR headsets, the virtual reality experience varies according to the level of preciseness in the product.

Here are some suggestions you can consider while buying a VR headset in India.


A VR headset’s design can impact on your virtual reality experience to a vast extent. Most of the VR headset available on the market are made of plastic with foam cushioning.

One of the important aspect while buying a VR headset is the comfort. The Irusu Monster VR provides good comfort as it’s two-way lens adjustment doesn’t harm your eyes during long use.

Field of View (FOV)

Field of View is the extent of vision you can see in a VR. More FOV means a better VR experience and better engagement.

There are two type of FOV you have to consider while buying a VR headset;
 1  camera field of view: It’s related to the rendering engine, in your case the smartphone. Whatever changes you make on the smartphone that relates to the cFOV.

 2  Display field of view: It relates to the hardware and design of your head mounted display (HMD). In this case, the HMD is the VR headset.

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