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Best Soundbars To Buy

Today, where technology is changing rapidly, and TVs are becoming slimmer than ever before, of course, they look stunning, beautiful and deliver excellent picture quality as well enhance the dignity of your wall. But they lack in one thing, that is the sound quality. That’s where the role of a soundbar comes in to recreate powerful surround sound so that you don’t have to compromise with the audio quality of your TV.

From a consumer point of view, buying a soundbar is always profitable as you will get to enjoy the cinematic surrounding sound even at your home. But with so many options out there, buying a soundbar which will deliver crystal-clear sound quality becomes little more complicated.

With the combination of personal experience and extensive online research, we have created a list of best soundbars you can go and buy right now in India.

 1  YAMAHA YAS 107

Yamaha YAS 107


The YAMAHA YAS-107 soundbar comes with in-built dual subwoofers, a unique bass reflex port and Bass Extension processing to deliver impressively high-end performance even without a separate subwoofer box.

This is one of the best soundbars in India that features a slim and beautiful design which will perfectly blend with your TV set. The easily accessible touch-sensitive buttons and discrete LED indicators make it more comfortable to operate.

The YAMAHA YAS 107 is easy to mount on the wall with the TV, with the built-in keyholes that come with a mounting template in the box.

To deliver the best quality performance, the YAS-107 offers an HDMI input and output. It supports 4K Ultra HD (60P) and HDCP 2.2 and HDR pass-through, ensuring compatibility with the latest TVs and sources.

Yamaha YAS-107 also supports Bluetooth connectivity so that you can stream your favourite music from a portable device..

It automatically amplifies the high-end of compressed music sources and stabilizes the mid- to low-ranges, giving a more clear and warm sound quality closer to the original.

 2  Boat AAVANTE Soundbar


BoAt Aavante Soundbar


The Boat AAVANTE lets you experience a whole new level of cinematic surround sound at your home. Whatever it may be; music, movie or shows, it brings life to every aspect of entertainment.

The AAVANTE comes with a powerful 120W total output and a versatile 2-way 60W sub-woofer to fill in the rumbling lows.

The 2.1 channel sound system delivers a balanced sound and deep bass which gives you the feel of a theatre.

Boat AAVANTE comes with the support of USB, Optical, AUX and Remote connectivity options to provide ease of user accessibility and generating 3D stereo surround sound from two-channel sources.

To give you the clearest sound experience, the soundbar utilises the high-end equalizer technology to optimize the sound output according to your source of entertainment and audio needs.

 3  JBL 2.1 Soundbar

JBL 2.1 Soundbar


JBL 2.1 soundbar is one of the high-rated and best soundbars in the Indian market. It designed with a slimmer profile and features Dolby digital sound, JBL Surround Sound, 300W system power and a wireless 6.5 inches sub-woofer. These features ensure that one can enjoy excellent audio and deep JBL 2.1 soundbarbass.

It supports HDMI input as well as AUX and USB wired connectivity and is Bluetooth enabled to make sure you can round out your home entertainment options even more.

Furthermore, with JBL Sound Shift option, you can instantly switch between sound from your TV and mobile. Though the soundbar has its own remote controller, you can also access it through your TV remote controller.

 4  Phillips Fidelio B5 Soundbar

Phillips Fidelio B5


The Phillips Fidelio B5 Soundbar delivers immersive surround sound performance. It is highly flexible and shape-shifter, meaning you can use this as your liking and preferences.

It has two detachable speakers that can be transformed into a surround sound system and Bluetooth-powered multiroom system as well.

The wireless sound system works on built-in rechargeable batteries which can last up to 10 hours each.

What makes the Philips Fidelio B5 one of the best soundbars in the Indian market is its “spatial calibration” feature, which adjusts the sound pitch of the rear speakers according to their position.

In simple words, place the speakers where you want them and let the Fidelio automatically adjust its settings to provide you crystal-clear surround sound.

 5  Bose Solo 5 Soundbar

Bose Solo 5


Bose Solo 5 gives a premium sound quality for a mid-sized room. With the compact size, it can be placed anywhere in the room, be it by the TV on a shelf or even mounted on the wall using the WB-120 wall mount.

This Bose soundbar comes with connectivity options like optical, coaxial and 3.5 mm AUX but lacks in providing the HDMI connectivity which is a drawback considering the price range. It even has the Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly stream music from any of your devices.

Best Soundbars Buying Guide

Here are some of the valuable tips from the ProductBeast team to help you chose the right soundbar for your TV.


Before buying a soundbar, check them for the available connectivity options like HDMI ARC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc.
Usually, most of the soundbars come with only one cable to connect with the TV.

HDMI is a preferable option as it supports more audio options comparable to the optical cables, which ensures that you will get a higher sound quality.

With the HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) connectivity you just have to connect the soundbar with the audio return channel of TV in order to allow the exchange of information between TV and the soundbar.

Number of Channels and Dolby Atmos

You should check for the number of channels the soundbar has before buying it. Usually, most soundbars in India offer 5.1 channels – left, right, centre, rear right, and rear left. You can also go for a 2.0-channel soundbar (right and left) and the 3.1-channel soundbar (right, left and centre).

From these numbers, you will have a clear understanding of the number of channels a soundbar has and whether the soundbar has a sub-woofer or not.

The first digit refers to the number of drivers and number after the decimal indicates the number of sub-woofers.
For example, the number 2.0 means that there are two drivers and no sub-woofers.

Sometimes you may also come across three numbers such as 3.1.4. In such situations it features Dolby Atmos surround sound. Here, the last number 4 suggests the number of dedicated drivers that shoot up towards the ceiling and bounce back creating a 3D surround sound.

Active or Passive

This is an important point to consider. Active Soundbars come with an all-in-one set of. Which means you will get speakers, amplifies, signal processors etc. all in one sleek bar.
They don’t need any additional components to work and comes at an affordable price range.
Passive Soundbars does not come with in-built power amplifiers. So, It requires an additional amplifier to work. These type of soundbars contain better speakers but require extra components. They are also a bit more expensive.

Size of Soundbars

As you know, soundbars come in different shapes and sizes. Some can be mounted directly onto the wall; some are designed to place beneath your TV, while others are made to sit on the top of your entertainment box.

But you have to keep in mind that the size of soundbar should be equal to the length of your TV set, neither too long or too small.

No matter where are you going to put the soundbar, make sure it acts properly with your TV.


Placement of the soundbar should also be in the list of consideration. There are many soundbars in India which are specially designed for small or medium rooms while many others for the larger rooms.

So, make it clear on the placement of the soundbar before purchasing any to boost the sound of your TV set.

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