Best Laptop Cooling Pads to Beat The Heat of Your Laptop

As a tech-savvy laptop user, I always face one problem while using my laptop for a longer period of time. It gets warm over time; as a result, it gets slowed down and sometimes eventually stops working. So how should I keep my laptop at normal temperature? The simplest answer is to have a laptop cooling pad. Laptop cooling pads are specially designed to increase airflow and decrease the temperature of your laptop and help to extend your laptop battery life.

A cooling pad for a laptop is a necessary accessory for high usage laptop users. We have compiled a list of best available laptop cooling pads which you can buy now and prevent your computer’s wrist rests from heating up.

 1  Belkin CoolSpot Laptop Pad



Belkin’s CoolSpot laptop cooling pad is a nice option for smaller laptops. It does work great for anywhere between 11-inch laptops to 13″, however with a little adjustment you can make it work with a 15.6″ laptop as well. This Belkin cooling pad has an ergonomic design with one cooling fan at the center and has a patented design for improved airflow. It has a USB connector that powers the pad from your laptop’s battery.

 2  Tecknet N7 Cooling Pad

tecknet n7 cooling pad


With six 80mm fans, the Tecknet N7 cooling pad is a perfect fit for laptops sized from 12″ to 15.6″. The six powerful fans run at 200RPM and generate enough air to keep a laptop cool during long working hours, which on the other side consumes a lot of your battery power. There are 6 LEDs that light up the fans when plugged in and look attractive.

TeckNet N7 has a full plastic body with top metal mesh to provide a good grip for a laptop. It comes with a five levels adjustment to lift and tilt your laptop for increased comfort while a bottom ledge keeps the laptop in place.

The N7 Cooling Pas comes with 2 USB 2.0 hub and a USB cable. One USB port is to power the pad and the additional one to connect other devices with your laptop.

 3  Neon Laptop Cooling Pad

neon laptop cooling pad


The Neon laptop cooling pad comes with 5 fans running at 1200RPM and blows a fair amount of air to keep your laptop cool. The body of the Neon laptop cooling pad is of complete plastic with rubber at the bottom to keep it in place.

Like the Tecknet N7, this cooling pad also comes with tilt adjustment support. It has two USB ports, one to power the pad and another to connect an external device to your laptop, and also has a power button to switch on/off the pad.


Laptop Cooling Pad Buying Guide

Heating problem is a common issue for most of the laptops. But overheating can damage your laptop’s battery life and degrade its performance as well can lead to a system failure. The limited airflow through the laptop’s exhaust system isn’t enough to keep it at normal temperature. Hence using a laptop cooling pad makes a good sense to ensure that your laptop maintains normal temperature during the long hour usage. Using a cooling pad also increases your laptop battery life.

Now that you know a cooling pad is necessary for your laptop, that lefts us with the question, Which is the Perfect Cooling Pad for me? Or How to choose a perfect cooling pad for my laptop?

Let us help you with that. Below we have listed some very important points which will help you to decide which laptop cooling pad will be the best choice for you.

Vent Alignment

For the cooling pad to be effective, you have to make sure that the fans of the cooling pad align perfectly with the input vents of your laptop. You can check your laptop’s vent alignment by flipping it over and then measure its alignment with the cooling pad.


Noise can be a deciding factor for many laptop users while choosing a cooling pad. Many of us get irritated with the continuous whirring sounds. Nowadays, most cooling pads do not make much noise, but in some cases where the fan RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) is high, there’ll be some noise. Consider a quieter option like the Belkin Coolspot if you easily get irritated by noise.

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