Best Backpacks For Men That Won’t Cramp Your Style

Best Backpacks for men

Backpacks have travelled a long way from the classrooms to become the container to stash all those gears necessary to get us through the day.

Whether you are a digital nomad, a style-savvy urban explorer, or a daily commuter, choosing the best backpack for men would add a stylish yet productive element to your look.

The easy-to-carry style has been updated for the modern man. Today’s designs are more practical, and smarter than ever, with features that cater to every lifestyle and activity you can think of.

With our hours of research, recommendations from fellow travellers and personal experiences, we have made this list of
best backpacks for men to help you chose the best. As always, we have taken design, sturdiness, versatility, and performance into consideration while making this list.

 1  Gods Ghost Anti-Theft Backpack

Gods Ghost Backpack


With its elegant minimalist design, the Gods Ghost stands out in the crowd. The exciting feature about the Ghost is its inner sanctum can only be accessed from its back, which means there’s no way to open the backpack like you usually do.

With no front accessible zippers and the secure rear opening, it enhances the security and avoids unauthorised access by anyone around. The outer shell of Ghost is razor cut resistant due to the embedded unbreakable fibre sheet reinforced inside to protects against theft.

The Ghost has a 6-point stretchable laptop compartment to fit all sizes of laptops, tangle-free hangers for headphones, a secured, impact-protecting sunglass compartment, separate organisers for documents, hard drives, laptop charger, pens, phones, PowerBanks and what not!

 2  Fur Jaden Brown Faux Leather Backpack

Fur Jaden Leather Backpack


This backpack from Fur Jaden looks real classy to stay ahead in the style game. The artificial leather used is sturdy, durable, and water resistant so that you can go from day to night. Its compact design can accommodate all your belongings sorted so that you never have to lose track of anything.

With the water-resistant material used, you can rest assured that none of your belongings will be damaged by rain or accidental splashes.

Besides the main compartment, the Fur Jaden backpack has strategically placed pockets on the sides to hold your knickknacks, water bottles, and other belongings.

Mens Backpack Buying Guide

The first thing to check while buying a backpack is the volume, which is how much space is there in there. A good backpack should be roomy with a waterproof lining, separated compartments and a padded sleeve. Again this comes down to your personal preference. Someone looking for minimal packing should go for a small, compact and slimmer one’s whereas traditional backpacker and travellers always prefer the bigger size.

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