Whether you’re a kid, a hobbyist or an artist, 3D pens are fun. 3D Pens are handheld drawing devices with which one can make amazing 3D designs using plastic. It uses heated plastic material which cools down instantly once you release them to draw your desired 3D patterns. The best uses of 3D pens are for drawing 3D objects with free hand and modifying already printed 3D object effortlessly. You can also draw 3D drawings in empty space and add decorative designs to any normal object. The top 5 best 3D printing pens in India are listed below.

 1   VAMAA 3D Printer Pen

vamaa 3d printer pen

The VAMAA 3D printer pen is one of the bestselling 3D pens in India. You mostly use it for 3D drawing, arts, and crafts.

The 3D pen comes with 3 free 2.5-meter filaments of different colours. One can control speed and temperature for creating better 3D objects in the air and on paper. It has easy maintenance with anti-jamming technology.

 2  AmazingHind 3D Printing Pen 

amazinghind 3d pen

The AmazingHind 3D pen is a lightweight and easily controllable one which is perfect for drawings where precision is important.

Kids can use it to draw in any direction and create 3D objects for school projects, home décors, arts, and crafts. The settings let you have full control on temperature, flow, and material type. It comes with automatic 5-minute standby mode for the saving power and durability of the product.

 3  3D Pen for 3D Drawing By WOL3D

wol3d 3d pen

The 3D pen by WOL3D claims to be one of the safest pens for kids and provides an ultimate drawing experience.
Since it is basically designed for the kids, drawing objects of different shapes, symbols, diagrams and models are its best uses. The WOL3D pen provides 10 different speeds and temperature control between 160 and 230 degrees.

 4  3Doodler Start

3doodler start 3d pen

The 3Doodler Start is the most expensive among all mentioned 3D pens here. It uses Eco-plastic material which is completely biodegradable.
The pen comes with 48 strands of 8 different colours and hence, the choices of colour are more than any other 3D pens. It is perfectly safe and requires chargeable with Micro USB cable for charging which comes with the package.